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8 Best Tips For Tangle Free Hair Extensions

No matter your hair type, Brazilian body wavy,Malaysian clip in hair extension, silk straight hair bundles etc, you’ve probably been traumatized by tangles that seem nearly impossible to get out.We all can’t wake up every day expecting to have great hair extensions, but throwing in some tangles and knots can make mornings even worse.Don’t let […]

Preparation Before Wearing A Wig

1.Do a skin test. Some people are allergic to the chemicals used to keep a wig in place. Do a skin test to determine whether or not you are allergic. First, dab a small amount of liquid adhesive or double-sided wig tape onto the back of your hand. Next, observe the adhesive for at least […]

Putting On the Wig

1.Test the fit of the wig. Before you apply any adhesives, you need to make sure the wig fits properly. To do so, place the wig on your head and line it up with your natural hairline. If the wig has tightening straps on the inside, you may need to adjust these for a proper […]

Maintaining Your Wig

1.Take off your wig. First, remove any adhesives or tape with a commercial wig adhesive remover or regular baby oil. To do so, rub the remover along your hairline where the lace meets the adhesive. Continue rubbing gently until the lace lifts away from your scalp. Do not pull the lace to remove it you […]

Synthetic Wigs For Women

There are thousands of different styles and types of wigs for women which are available on the market. A selection of fibers are used to make synthetic women’s wigs. The popular choice of customers nowadays are synthetic wigs which can take heat; i.e. high temperature synthetic wigs. These wigs are made from fibers which can be rod […]

Keep Your Wig From Sliding

We all know that wearing a wig can be one of the most exciting changes you can make in your life. A good wig can make you feel sexy, bold, and super confident. Because of this, many woman like to make the change to wigs, and embrace them with open arms! This is fantastic and we highly encourage […]

Tips to Choose the Best Wig for Your Lifestyle

Choosing a wig can be a big decision. It’s not the same as buying a sweater or a pair of jeans. A good wig or hairpiece is an investment. Picking the first wig you come across online is one way to do it, but we wouldn’t recommend it. There are different types of wigs to suit […]

Break Your Synthetic Wig’s bad Habits

How many of you set some super ambitious New Year’s Resolutions to hit the gym regularly, reduce sugars, and get more sleep? While most of you likely neglected to add synthetic wig maintenance to your goals, it’s an absolute necessity. Let’s call them BOWLER for short, so don’t BOWLER with your wigs: B: Brushing while wet O: […]

What Causes Hair Loss in Men?

Ready to tear your hair out over that imminent project deadline or holiday credit card bills that are rising to all new heights? Don’t seek refuge from the world in your man cave! We can approach and tackle Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) and sudden hair loss with both brawn and brains. These issues are absolutely normal and […]

5 At-Home Solutions for an Itchy Scalp

Has your scalp become noticeably itchy over the past few weeks? Dealing with an itchy scalp can be a difficult, and sometimes scary experience for anyone. Some of our clients have told us that they experience an itching scalp before hair loss occurs. However, don’t despair over your natural hair yet. Read on to learn five at-home solutions for […]