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What is HD Lace?

Over the last ,HD lace wigs have become extremely popular with our clients, most of which are looking for a truly natural look and the ability to wear their wig with complete confidence. The unique mesh appearance of a lace wig gives an amazing welcoming variation to your wig.

This is a kind of bobbinet or torchon lace fabric, because there is no ring forming, but only yarn knotting, so it is produced by a completely different principle from warp knitting lace.

Only a few manufacturers in the world use these old machines to make these nets – mainly in England.

For this reason, fabric is very expensive.

The machines used to make this lace are very old, invented in 1809, and never produced in a new version. They are, in fact, like Swiss watches – handmade masterpieces that are hard to manufacture on an industrial scale.

It’s very rare, like Rolls-Royce, and that’s how it’s priced.Guess why many high-end wedding dresses are made only with English lace (the fabric is really made in Britain), because it’s so unique that only royalty or very rich Chinese can afford it.

The design of these lace front wigs makes you look gorgeous and outstanding and they appear like your natural hairline. Leaving an illusion of new and healthy hair growth.

Advantages of hd lace.

HD lace is a new lace material that is more light, soft and delicate and looks more transparent than normal lace, which can melt into our skin more perfectly, which makes the hairline more invisible.

We often recommend the light lace to light skin tone girls, but recently we found that HD lace can melt to any skin tone.

According to the features of the lace material itself, HD lace is better than transparent lace.

The key point we wearing a wig is to make it look as natural as possible.As we can see in the picture attached below, the HD lace can melt into our skin much better than traditional lace, which can make our hairline looks more natural and less visible.

We use a fine multifilament polyester or nylon thread knitted into a hexagonal pattern that allows for a natural offset ventilation (the process of tying the hair to the base material). The offset avoids the unnatural “doll’s head” look of hair lined up in perfect rows and columns. Our lace is naturally breathable with plenty of airflow, and allows for easy rinsing of your scalp while wearing the system. For this reason, it’s perfect for those with active lifestyles who perspire a lot, as you can perspire through the base instead of under it. The soft lace is extremely comfortable.

Can Synthetic Wigs Be Styled?–

Synthetic wigs have less possibilities to be styled than real hair. They cannot be dyed or heated easily if you are not a professional. But is this really true? Today we will show you a quick and easy tutorial about how to style synthetic wigs to make it look more stylish and real looking.

Put on your wig cap.

Adjust the straps in the wig to fit your head size.

Put on your wig.

Get your brush. Try to use an actual wig brush rather than a normal hair brush and then brush through your hair.

Get your straightener. Put it on the lowest heat setting and straighten your wig. All synthetic wigs from CHANTICHE are heat resistant. So please feel free to apply heat on them. Make sure the straightener does not get too hot or you’ll ruin your wig!

Apply some dry shampoo or baby powder on the wig. This helps to reduce the shine.

Get any black or dark brown eyeshadow. Apply it to the roots of the wig. This will make it look real.

Cut some front hairs to add a lot of layers for a more textured look.

Brush you your hair back into place. Lightly tease your fringe with your brush. Teasing helps keep the hair in the position you want.

Get some hair spray and spray your wig to keep it in place. Lightly brush over the top of the hair to flatten any random flyaways.

Are human hair wigs worth the investment?–

Did you just hesitate when choosing a human hair wig?Did you just give up your dream hair because of a high price?If yes, then read on. A human hair wig usually costs between $500 to $1,000.But are human hair wigs really worth the investment? The answer is absolutely YES. Here are some reasons why it is a wise choice to choose a human hair wig:

Natural Looking
When it comes to wearing a wig, the last thing you want to worry about is whether people can tell that you’re wearing one. Unlike shiny and stringy synthetic fiber, human hair wigs look just like your bio hair. With a human hair wig, you can achieve a fresh and fashionable hairstyle in just a few minutes, without having to wait for hours in a salon chair while praying for a good result.

Longer lifetime
A human hair wig can last up to 3-5 years with the correct maintenance and care. Compared to a synthetic wig, which can last between 6-12 months, a human hair wig is a worthwhile long-term investment. So, when you purchase a human hair wig, if you learn how to maintain it properly, you’ll be able to get years of beautiful hair out of it.

Styling Versatility
Human hair wigs can be styled just like your bio hair. They can be straightened and styled to any texture you like. With a full lace human hair wig, you can make your parting anywhere because every single section of the cap is lace, meaning it looks just like your own scalp which produces a 360-degree styling versatility.

Lightweight and Breathable
Compared to synthetic wigs, a human hair lace wig is light and totally breathable which makes it completely acceptable to wear in the summer. When you are going through alopecia or hair loss and must wear a wig, a full lace wig is a good choice because it provides air circulation in the lace wig and keeps you head dry and ventilated all day.

An ideal choice if you have total hair loss or you don’t have enough hair to hold a topper
When you are going through hair loss and don’t have enough hair to hold a topper, a human hair wig is a great choice for you. If your hair is thin and fragile, a human hair wig will also work well for you. When wearing a wig, you just need to apply the combs and clips onto the wig cap and give a rest to your own hair.

All in all, though the price for a human hair wig is pretty high, it will totally win considering all the benefits it can bring to you.

The benefits of wearing hair topper–

The hair toppers, have been widely applied by the ladies suffering from the hair loss or thinning hair problem in order to add the hair volume or cover up hair loss spots.

Lots of hair loss suffers, who used to wear the full wigs, have turned to wearing hair toppers, due to their special & unique benefits.

1.Comforts-Lightweight & Breathable
The hair toppers do look like miniature versions of wigs. They don’t provide a full coverage as the full wigs do, which means they are more breathable and lightweight. So lots of ladies can wear these hair pieces during the hot and humid summertime. Usually the hair topper can be more comfortable to wear than the full wigs.

2.Costs-Affordable Price
Most of full Human Hair Lace Wigs are very pricey. Due to the smaller base sizes, the human hair toppers’ prices are more affordable, ranges from 200-300 $, usually one half of the full lace wigs.

3.Usability-Easy to Wear
Wearing a full lace wig cannot be a easy task for most people, since you need to put a wig cap and then style the wig to create the natural looking hair part and hairline, which can be time-consuming. However, it usually takes 3-5 minutes to put on a hair topper with the pressure sensitive clips installed.

4.Natural Appearance
The Hair toppers, designed to conceal hair loss at various stages and different areas of the scalp, usually do not cover the entire head. But they only blend into the existing hair to add hair volume and offer coverage. Therefore, the hair topper can provide a very natural looking easily.

Hot Bob Wig–

A short bob style is super popular right now and will always be in trend. When having a long hair for a long time and people could get bored of all the maintaining it requires. They might want to chop off the long ratty hair and start fresh again.

Actually, the bob style has firstly gained its popularity in the 1920’s. Nowadays, Hollywood stars continue to rock this look in a variety of styles, ranging from sleek, shiny to some casual curls.

Let’s see how this bob style has developed to a fashion during the whole century.

Before the 1920’s, women usually wear long hair to show beauty and femininity. They will be considered as rebellious and undesirable if they cut their hair to short. In order not to offend the men in her life, including her father, brother, husband and boss, they choose to keep the long hair.

In the early 1920’s, two things has changed this and caused thousands of women worldwide to adopt a short hairstyle called ‘bob’. There is no doubt that this has also caused panic to men at that time. The first thing is that during World War II women had to work in factories and hospitals. Long hair makes it inconvenient while working and not hygienic as far as the medical work is concerned. The other thing was a ballroom dancer and actress named Irene Castle and she cut her hair to show how modern she was. This cut was so popular and it was named the ‘Castle Bob’. In no time, other celebrities followed her and cut into bob styles and it became a trend gradually.

Although newspapers, magazines and men express their strong voice that the style was not appealing and not fashionable at all, the convenience and easy to maintain advantages made the bob style thrive.

The bob style has been added in many different forms including flipped layers, longer length bob, wavy texture, etc. during this century. At the turn of the millennium, the bob trend continued to be strong and became more and more popular.

Nowadays, many celebrities wear bob style and it really attract people’s attention.

If you are worried that this bob style might not suit you and you don’t have the courage to cut your hair, we got you covered. Our Pandora wig offers you limitless possibilities. You can add loose curls and trim it a little bit to make it your style in no time.

How to make wigs looks natural?–

We dress up for covering our body. It is a necessity. But it is not the only reason we wear clothes. We wear them for fashion. We want to look stylish all the time when we have notched up a level over necessity. Wigs are also a part of dress code. It was invented to cover up the hair fall symptom and other scalp related clinical complications. But it found a grand ground of application after fulfilling its fundamental requirements. Wigs are used greatly nowadays. These are used in the fashion industry for modelling, in the entertainment industry for photo shoots in magazines and in the film industry for creating a suitable character in the movies. People are using wigs to revamp their style every now and then. With the flourishing of wig usage, the numbers of shops selling wigs have also gone up.

Since nowadays, everybody is using wigs it has somehow become a fashion competition. The designers and sellers are catering the people with a wide array of variant wigs categorized on the hair material, hair style, hair color, hair cap and so on. But the irony of the fact remains that though everyone is using wigs still everyone wants others to think that the hairdo is done on their natural born hair. So what to do if you want your wig to look and feel like your own natural or real hair? Well the solution is quite simple actually. You just have to follow the following pointers when you are buy or handling your wigs.

You must always buy wigs from an exclusive wig retailer. These kinds of shops offer variety of choices for the customers as their pricing is proportionate with the quality of the wigs all year round unlike the costume shops. You may also get some seasonal discounts here.

Trimming your wig is quite unorthodox but definitely a sure way to make your wig your own part. You can also get your wig trimmed and styled by a hair professional.

Dyeing the wigs in different colors every now and then will give them – “you’re original” feel. Dyeing a wig with a natural hair color makes its more real and to boot it retains the color more than actual hair.

By tweezing the side parts, the mid rift, the hairline gives the wig a real look. This out of the box styling tip is applicable for only those with sound experience in hair makeovers.

The newly bought wigs have an extra bit of synthetic shine. If you powder it frequently for a tad the shine fades and the natural tone creeps in.

The wigs brushed with a wet wide toothed hairbrush last long and presents a detangled real hair feel.

For further natural feel you can always style your wigs with heat equipment like curler or straightener or simple perm it up with a steam blow. This process is applicable for human hair wigs only.

Increasing the volume of the hair in your wigs with wig enhancers is also a way to give natural look to your wigs.

How To Wash Hair Toppers?–

Hair loss or no hair both physically and mentally affects the women. The hair toppers are the gifted finding for women that badly suffering from either hair loss or no hair. The best part is that, the hair toppers can come for such a long time. hair toppers work for a long time does not mean that, you do not need to take care or maintain your hair toppers. As like washing or shampooing your real hair, you need to do the same to your hair toppers. Experts say that, it is better to wash the hair toppers after ten times you worn the wig.

Washing the hair toppers does not demand too much time at all. All you need to do is to follow some steps, which are explained below.

1. First of all, you need to prepare your wig for washing. Yes, you need to comb your wig properly and make sure the hair wig does not contain any knots or tangles. You need to gently comb your hair wig from start to end.

2. Now, fill your sink with cold water and put one to two squeezes of shampoo. You should always choose the best shampoo that does not damage your wig. You should choose the shampoo according to the type of the wig you are having. If you are having curly wig, then you need to choose the shampoo that is made for washing the curly wig. You can try a color-safe shampoo to keep the color of your hair wig as it is.

3. Gently rinse your wig. You should wash the wig to all its inside and outside portion without leaving any. Dip your wig on the water and again rinse the wig. Do this for some minutes until the shampoo on the wig is completely washed.

4. For achieving a better wash, you can soak the wig in water for 5 minutes. You do not need to move your wig around this time. If you do rinse or squeeze the wig too much, then your wig will have tangles.

5. Now, wash the wig with the new cold water and make sure all the shampoo is gone.

6. It is the time to apply conditioner to your hair wig. As like the shampoo, you need to choose the high-quality and safe conditioner. At times, strands are knotted onto the lace. If you apply the conditioner to your wig, the knots will be undone and the strands will fall out.

7. You need to wait for two minutes at least after applying condition to your wig. After two minutes, you can wash your hair wig with cold water. Wash it until the water runs clear.

8. If you are using the leave-in conditioner on your hair wig, then you do not need to wash it after applying the conditioner.

9. You should squeeze the water out from your hair wig and let the wig dry. Your wig should be dried well for the next use.

Are 100% hand-tied wigs worth the hype?–

Before we think about whether a 100% hand-tied wig worth the hype, firstly we need to know what is a 100% hand-tied wig. A 100% hand-tied wig is also called full lace wig and always use human hair instead of synthetic fiber. To make a wig like this, the craftsman needs to tie each hair onto the mesh base one by one by hand for the whole lace cap and it usually takes about one week’s time to finish all the hand-tie work.

Benefits of Full Lace Wigs:

Natural Looking
Compared to the traditional weft cap wigs, a full lace wig creates more natural looking. It just like your own hair growing out from your scalp and no one could even tell that it is a wig. Full lace wigs are high end product and the hair used to make it is also high quality remy human hair which is quite sleek and soft. All in all, the whole look that a full lace wig creates is the most natural.

Limitless styling options
With a full lace wig, you can make your parting anywhere you like because every single place of the cap is lace and looks just like your own scalp which produces a 360 degree styling versatility.
With the high quality remy human hair, you can dye it to a different color when you get bored with the same color and you can add curls, straighten it just like your own hair.

Superior Comfort
You might find the weft cap causing sweat, rashes and itchiness to your scalp from time to time while this will never happen with a full lace cap because the lace is super light and soft and brings you the most comfortable experience.

Lightweight and Breathable
A full lace wig is pretty light and totally breathable which makes it completely feasible to wear it in hot summer. When you are going through alopecia or some sort of hair loss and have to wear a wig, a full lace wig will be a good choice. It provides air circulation in the lace wig and keeps you head dry and ventilated all day.

Ideal choice for total hair loss and sensitive scalps
A 100% hand-tied wig, as the name suggests, is all hand-tied work. Thus it doesn’t have those cotton threads on the inside of them, which are often found in machine sewed wigs. Many wig wearers cite these threads annoying and uncomfortable.

Usually a full lace human hair wig costs $700 to more than $1000 and can last more than one year. So rather than buying cheap wigs and returning them, you’d better choose a full lace wig that provides all the benefits and longer life. Considering all the hand-tied work and high quality lace and hair used and the benefits, it totally worth the hype.

Difference between human hair wigs and synthetic wigs–

Wigs are the latest fashion trend and people are wearing these with our without any purpose, nowadays. If you visit a wig shop or an online wig retailer for the first time, it is quite definite, that you will be baffled by the sheer volume of choices spread out in front of you. Knowing the style, the color and the brand of wigs is just the scratching the surface. What you really need to know is what is the constituent material of the wig and how comfortable will you be wearing one because style always comes only after comfort. There are two main broad classifications of wigs – the human hair wigs and the synthetic hair wigs.

Depending upon the reason of wearing a wig, selection of the same should be done. If you are opting for a wig to conceal a scalp condition, a hair loss syndrome or any pathological anomalies then a certain material is best suited for you; whereas if you just want to sport a new look or disguise as some character then another material type wig is the right choice.

The human hair wigs
Human hair wigs are made by grafting human hair on a medicated cap. The specialty of the wig is that it gives you the feel and look of original natural hair. The wig can be constructed using your own natural hairs also. It can be styled and trimmed according to you needs and is resistant to heat & water meaning all hair-do equipment is applicable.

Pros of human hair wigs
1. The human hair wigs can be styled freely and hair products are quite effectively applicable.
2. The textures of the human hair wigs are very varied and may close in to your original hair.
3. The human hair wigs are very real looking and with proper care can last as long as a whole year.
Cons of human hair wigs
1. The maintenance of human hair wigs is very high as these require daily wash and frequent deep conditioning
2. Human hair wigs are very costly.
3. The color of the strand is usually very unique and after a fall, it is very difficult to replicate an identical strand.
4. Like natural hairs, hairs of human hair wigs are prone to weather and become fragile due to lumping and drying.
5. The color fades out quickly due to extensive oxidation.
6. Human hair wigs are very heavy and styling them require quite some hassling.

The synthetic hair wigs
Synthetic hair wigs are made from grafting of factory made hairs onto a cap. These hair wigs comes in styled shapes and are instant fashion solution. The wigs are made of natural feeling hair follicles. The hairs are washable and durable.

Pros of synthetic hair wigs
1. The synthetic hair wigs are very low key maintenance.
2. The wigs are inexpensive.
3. Synthetic hair wigs come in pre styled versions.
4. Though styling the synthetic hair wigs is tad difficult still the retention capacity of the style in very long-lasting.
5. The wigs come with a large array of color codes and are natural looking.
Cons of synthetic hair wigs
1. These are very unnaturally shiny.
2. Restyling synthetic hair wigs is very difficult.
3. Not resistant to heat, so styling equipment are a no-go.
4. Cannot be dyed in new color.

Difference between lace front,full lace and glueless full lace wigs–

Everyone is using a wig nowadays. Celebrity hair styling, disguising, clinical concealing or anything you name it and a wig will be on the top of your head. There are synthetic hair wigs and natural human hair wigs but it will not matter if they do not fit tight on the top your head. People become laughing stock if a wig falls off the head in public gatherings. This is the very reason why we must focus more on the fittings and size of the wigs first than the colour and style of the wig.
Wig caps are the base on which the hair strands are grafted in by the follicles and are made into suitable false hairs. The wig caps are mainly classified into the placement of the lace on the hair cap. The main categories are lace front hair wigs and the full lace hair wigs.

The lace front wigs
The front laced hair wigs are made from synthetic lacings affixed at the frontal linings of the wig cap. The lace is stream lined with perfection and it holds the cap tight over the forehead granting an affluent fake hairline to the wearer. Synthetic, silky and wavy front laced wigs are sewn and knitted in the industrial setup and are usually 3” wide stripes of clothing braced on the netted cap. The lace is sometimes stretched and clipped behind the ears while at other times it is glued to the forehead and combed a mid-part to grant a flawless frontal hair line.
Pros of lace front wigs
1. These are less expensive.
2. Grants you a sumptuous and healthy natural looking hairline.
Cons of lace frontal wigs
1. The wigs are stable at the front but loose at the back, thus any kind of back end hairstyle is off the menu.
2. The wigs cannot be mid parted or side parted due to inadequate gripping.

The full lace wigs
The fully laced hair caps are the best kind of wigs. The wig is composed of a whole headed medicated cap, dense follicle number and a circumference all-round lacing. The lace is made up of breathable and unique material that holds the wig on the head with assurance and comfort.
Pros of full lace wigs
1. The wigs are strong placed over the head.
2. The hairs on the wigs could be parted according to your styling wish.
3. Due to all-round grip of the lace, the wig is open to all back end hairstyling like the top knot, the bun or the high ponytail.
4. Twisting out is feasible with full lace wigs.
Cons of full lace wigs
1. The only drawback of full lace wigs is these are quite costly because these are mainly hand crafted and are done with the best materials.

There are mainly two types of full lace wigs:
1. Glued – The wigs are held on the head by using glued under the lacing.
2.Glue less full lace wigs – These are the very best kind of wigs. To fit the head, the wig comes with adjustable back end, somewhat elastic, straps, frontal combs, side combs and stretchable lace clippers behind the ears. Some people may have rashes for using glue but with these arrangements no side effects are found valid.