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What is HD Lace?

Over the last ,HD lace wigs have become extremely popular with our clients, most of which are looking for a truly natural look and the ability to wear their wig with complete confidence. The unique mesh appearance of a lace wig gives an amazing welcoming variation to your wig. This is a kind of bobbinet or […]

Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Wig Maintenance

What’s the one thing every wig wearer worries about? Whether or not other people can tell that you’re wearing a wig. Nothing is worse than being in the grocery store and wondering if everyone is staring at you because they know your hair isn’t really yours. First, you should know they probably aren’t staring at […]

Human Hair Wigs vs. Synthetic Wigs: Pros, Cons, and Considerations

A common misconception of first-time wig buyers is that human hair wigs look more realistic than synthetic wigs. What if we told you that isn’t true? High-quality synthetic wigs can look just as natural as human hair wigs, and they cost a lot less, too. There are lots of differences between the types of wig hair. Figuring out […]

Identify The Wig Cap Types Suited For Your Needs

Wig cap types come in so much variety it may seem overwhelming at first. Whether you’ve just started to lose hair or you have an older problem, it’s important to know your options. If you don’t suffer from alopecia or other hair loss conditions, this guide might make your decision even easier. There are roughly 7 […]

Protect Your Hair When Wearing Weaves

Sew-in extensions or weaves are considered a great way of protecting your natural hair while displaying a variety of looks. However, there are a few things you should know before getting your installment. Among the factors that may actually damage your natural hair are an exceeding number of extensions, improper maintenance and faulty aftercare. Before […]

The Most Natural Look For Wigs

Our 100% hand tied human hair wigs are an excellent alternative to natural hair. If you suffer from hair loss because of different medical reasons, you can safely turn to this option in hair replacement that was modified and improved over time. The result available these days is simply amazing! Lace wigs today are no […]

Ombre Highlights On Lace Wigs

Hair color and the distribution of color can really make a difference in one’s style. Have you ever tried ombre highlights on your lace wig? This is where highlights are toward the ends of the hair, rather than coming straight from the root. Did you know that you can customize your lace wigs at with […]

How To Care For Synthetic Heat Style Hair Extenions

Heat style instructions You can blow dry, iron or curl these extensions as you would with normal hair. Take care to use a low-heat setting to avoid damaging the hair. Washing Use a pick comb or your fingers to remove any tangles Mix a mild color safe shampoo and cool water in a bowl and […]

Glueless Lace Wigs Are A Great Choice!

AN EASY LACE WIG APPLICATION We’ve mentioned previously that the use of glue for applying lace wigs is not for everyone. Many women are finding that glueless lace wigs can be just the right lace wig cap construction to fit their needs. Glueless lace wigs are not new, but they have gained more popularity as […]

How To Care For Your Long Hair?

Our hair is the crowning glory of our looks, both literally and figuratively. Long, gorgeous, and healthy tresses are every girl’s dream, but most of us end up hating our dull and lifeless hair. Owing to our hectic, modern lifestyle, which includes everyday stress and pollution,long hair extensions can be difficult to achieve. Maintaining long […]